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Lion team Joon Bee

After School Program

Lion Team: Take Pride in yourself!

Our Lion Team is our After-school class (all belts), ages 6 and up. This program focuses on confidence, leadership and teamwork. Through daily martial arts class and activities, your child will learn how to become a strong, dependable leader!

This program includes transportation from local schools.

Tiger team Joon Bee

Tiny Tigers Class

Tiny Tigers: Hear them roar!

Our Tiny Tiger class is specifically designed for ages between 4 and 5. Through fun games and exercises, your child will have a great time learning beginning martial arts skills!

Phoenix team Joon Bee

Beginners Class

Phoenix Team: Transform your life!

Our Phoenix Team evening class is for beginning students (white and yellow belts), ages 6 through 13. With an emphasis on discipline and self-motivation, your child will build a strong martial arts foundation, learn self-defense, and how to achieve their goals!

Dragon team Joon Bee

Intermediate Class

Dragon Team: Discover your courage!

Our Dragon Team evening is for intermediate and advanced students (orange belt and higher), ages 6 through 13. This class teaches students how to overcome obstacles and take positive risks while learning self-defense and challenging martial arts techniques!

Eagle team Joon Bee

Eagle Team

Tournament / Performance class

Our Eagle Team program is our flagship, competition demonstration team. Eagle Team focuses on mastery of new skills, sharpens inherent talents, and develops leadership skills in a competitive setting.

By invitations only

Jaguar team Joon Bee

Adult Class

Jaguar Team: Find your inner power!

Our Jaguar Team is our adult program for ages 14 and up (all belts ranks). This class focuses on strength-training, cardio and self-defense martial arts techniques. By pushing yourself beyond your limitations, you will learn to face your fears with confidence and conquer them!

Joon-Bee! Summer Camp

Why choose us?

At Joon Bee Summer Camp, your child can

  • Learn new skills: Our all-day summer camp program offers students the opportunity to learn martial arts skills such as self-defense, forms, breaking, and sparring.
  • Be active: Martial arts is a great way to exercise and stay in shape. Students get to train, run, and play in a secure environment.
  • Make new friends: Keep your child active and engaged all summer long while making new friends and creating lifelong memories.
  • Enjoy Field trips: We organize fun field trips, such as bowling, skating, museums, libraries, water parks, cinemas etc, providing your child with opportunities to explore new environments and learn new things.
  • Games & activities: Structured games and activities ensure your child always has something fun and engaging to be a part of.
  • Safe environment: Parents can rest easy knowing their child is in good hands here at Joon Bee.  We believe in creating a space where your child can feel safe and confident to achieve their full potential.

Begin your martial arts adventure today!

Our booking programs are:

Tiny Tigers team: age 4-5 years between 5:20 pm and 5:50 pm
Phoenix team (beginners): 7-12 years between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Dragon team (advanced): 7-12 years between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm Jaguar team (all belt levels): between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm

Please use the Note field to add the age and what interests you in signing up for martial arts.

Write all that apply:

Fitness / Weight loss / Self-defense / Pain relief / Stress relief / Confidence / Leadership / Better grades / Focus / Discipline / Other


Here are our reviews from Google

Diana GuerreroDiana Guerrero
21:49 10 Aug 23
My son is super happy, and the camp was the best of the best….the coach and his assistants are very professional, it's their job…the kids don't want to leave!! I as a father feel very happy to see what feels happy in this place
15:16 08 Aug 23
It's the best martial arts school. Instructors are the best in the USA.
Ithan NievesIthan Nieves
22:49 30 May 23
It's a fun place. I learn a lot from that because I go there
Lota BobrovaLota Bobrova
22:48 04 Apr 23
Very happy to have my son in the school. Discipline, interesting classes. Great to get your child more athletic and to raise that confidence.
02:30 19 Jan 23
New, clean, bright, friendly staff, great parents. They treat everyone like family. Awsome after school and summer program. They are great with all age kids, teeens and adults.
Alessandro De VivoAlessandro De Vivo
20:14 20 Oct 22
Great staff, very friendly and family oriented. excellent classes, Positive environment. I love that they are passionate about teaching martial arts and you don't get the feeling that it's about making money off you. Instructor Latorre is top notch.
Rose JonesRose Jones
21:02 08 Oct 22
This is the place where you can feel your children will be safe, secure and know that their best interests are paramount. My grandsons have been students of Instructor Latorre and Instructor Wycoff for several years and are now 3rd degree blackbelts. The instruction they get is great for mind and body. The Joon Bee Do Jang is spotlessly clean and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. If you want after-school care, or as a child or adult, want to learn Mixed Martial Arts, this is the place to be.
Sandee FullerSandee Fuller
19:39 20 Sep 22
Discipline, reliability, responsibility and ownership of your actions, these are a few of the very important life lessons that my granddaughter has been learning from the instructors at JoonBee martial arts. The level of dedication and commitment to these students is some of the highest I’ve ever seen. which,lets me know how much they truly care about their students. Watching as the students level up with confidence and skill is amazing. I know my granddaughter will have the tools the ability and the support of her team to soar through obstacles and climb high achieving success in life. I cannot say enough good things about Instructor and Latorre or Instructor Wycoff